Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wow. I suck at keeping updated. 

SUISS is over. What an upsetting day! It's unbelievable how closely connected people can become after such a short time. It was like saying goodbye to my second family! But it wasn't all sadness. Each student (as well as the directors and student hosts) had to put on some sort of performance for the farewell party. There was live music (some amazing musicians in the group!!), readings, dances, and one musical performance! This is what i slightly participated in. A 10 minute high school musical parody intertwined with a Romeo and Juliet sub-story all taking place in a day in the life of a SUISS student. sounds complicated? It's just post-modern. 

So the morning after the farewell, I saw my lovely friend Nisha off on her train and made my way to the Bus station... back to Glasgow. The room i stayed in for those 2 nights would have eaten me up, i'm sure of it, had i stayed longer than two nights. Dark blue walls, one very small window with curtains so thick I couldn't even open them. No lift, so carrying my insanely heavy luggage (traveling during book festival... must be done carefully) up 4 flights of stairs and then down another flight, through a maze of windowless neon lighted hallways was quite the work out. No offense Glasgow, but next to a 3-week stay in Edinburgh... you suck dirty sweaty smelly nuts. First night spent chatting to Ashley on the telephone while cradling a bottle of red wine. Day 2 went into the centre and met up with Silvia. Visited the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art; The theme being GLBT freedom and expression. Very cool! Then went on a search for haggis since she refused to leave Scotland without trying it! I, on the other hand, would rather lick the sidewalk in Glasgow than try haggis..... maybe not though, really. But the search was a success and i went back to my hole and let my wine cradle me to sleep. 

I am currently free loading on my friend / ex-writing tutor's couch. Beautiful flat!  He works at the Scottish Poetry Library so i get to join in viewing all the readings and events around the city! amazing!! He is also a manager of sorts of this wonderful non-profit cafe/venue/bar called The Forest. All the employees are volunteers and it's a place full of art and art-minded people who want to share their work, whatever form it might take. It's in a gorgeous old two story church, so there's always a couple things happening at once. Probably be volunteering there for a bit before I leave.  Also got to know one of the actors from Porn: The Musical (hilarious play.. definitely the best one i've seen in the fringe) so I've been lucky enough to get a free performer's pass into a lot of shows... It is possible to have fun with no money!! 

As for my writing, I have been bad. I still need to go through and edit a lot of it before I can post it up here, but hopefully that can be done soon. 

All for now

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