Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today's seminar involved an activity using  lines from 5 different famous poems. We were to create our own poem using only those words. Fun!


Write a poem

it's never just black or


it can never be anything

now it can only be


but it can never be just that

i want to hate you
the same way
you don't want to love me


Write for 10 minutes with little thought or editing using a given first sentence. I write it in light blue ink on white paper.

Blue. The sky, the ocean or just blue. Just a single shade of blue blankness. Will this have anything to do with blue? Well, it's all blue isn't it? It can't not. a torn page filled with small scribbles and symbols that are the first word. I would rather have red. Deep dark red. 12% usually, warm in my cup, flow down my throat, warm my face and mind. Silver is my aura... how cold is that? much more frigid than blue. Il fait froid, tres froid.

I think too many unfinished thoughts, 
my mind has my hand imprisoned.

I guess it's not really prosey

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Friday night lasted until the sun came up. I know why the "jig" comes naturally to me after participating in a Ceilidh. haha there is definitely Scottish in my blood. So fucking fun! I really didn't want it to end. Do you know the helicopter dance?? 

So then myself and about 7 others took a cab to the Grass Market and continued the drinking . dancing combination... Let's see... First to Biddy Mulligan's, then to Sneaky Pete's (a dirty bar that projects black and white porn on a huge screen while playing lame rock-dance music.. i really didn't get it), then next door to Opium ( a no comment kinda place) and then to C (?? i think that's what it was called) which was really fun. The first time i've ever heard Frank Sinatra played at a club..  immediately after Jammin'. Nice! Everyone stopped dancing.. sorry Frankie.  A walk home at 5am and a sleep until noon. Quite the alright night. 

Saturday wandered the graveyard with Tom and Sylvia and got some interestingly creepy photographs. Hopefully soon to be posted. Saw a guy swallow a sword on the Royal Mile and wandered to the Mound. I love being aimless in this city!

Today my legs were extremely sore. Nisha (my lovely neighbour) and I took it easy and went to a nearby Indian restaurant where they put cilantro in EVERYTHING! (barf) The vintage shops here are a lot easier to scrounge through and find something actually nice. It is now 10 pm and I have spent the last hour and a half trying to come up with ideas for a novel (hardest thing ever) and doing work for a prose exercise. writing anything and everything that comes to mind with a given first sentence... The one i chose being "Blue." It's harder than you think! But I wish all school was like this. It's freeing.